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44 weeks ago? last post? what's happened?

i moved out of my parents house into this girl amy that i worked with at ihop.
she skipped town, stole my money.
i moved into this girls apartment because she was gonna be gone for a few months.
i met someone hitchhiking who moved to boulder, i went to visit him, sprained my ankle when i was up there, got fired from ihop and drove back up there and lived a few weeks of summer up there.
i left boulder when he was in the bathroom.
i went to california with some of my friends and when i got back, the girl who lived at the apartments mom came into town and changed the lock.
i lived for a week in the same outfit before getting my stuff back.
i ended up moving into shack owned by a 36 year old woman named trina who worked at village inn, and my ex boyfriend jac.
i had to share a bed with jac for about a month before moving up to flagstaff.
i'm living in the dorms, working on a ceramics major with a minors in religion and possibly business.

i can't wait to get out of the dorms, man.

i don't have internet in my dorm, i don't know why, it's only my room that it doesn't work in, but it doesn't matter. i haven't had internet since i moved out of my parents house. i haven't really gone online or watched tv. i don't really do the party/drinking scene since about a week after i got up here when i thought i got roofied. i keep to myself and i smoke my herb with the few people i've connected with up here.
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