tree (a_theory) wrote,


Photo class writing assignment.

A child hiding under the lacy frills of her mothers old wedding dress, white, transparent. Some-what audible and only slightly incoherent. She puts on layers of clothes, of makeup, of hairspray. So many items, so much cover but you can see right through her. Transparent. The oceans reflection of what appeared to be a clear, perfect day. Someone there stubs thier toe on a large stone burried in sand. Glass. At a church. Stained with beautiful reds and blues, makes up something so pure and beautiful but it is only representitive. Transparent. A boy looking through at his drunken mother through her glass of white wine. His face stretches to the cornors of the glasses and he tries to hold his breath but leaks air anyways. And the window of a home, protected. Looks out and waits. A feeling so small, yet so matured, I'd swear it's older than time. A piece of glass on the face of a watch or clock. A grandfather clock passed down three generations. Ding. Ding. 2 O'clock and she'd be home soon. A cheating husband dresses quickly and pushes his mistress out the door. But she can see. He's so transparent.

A woman lies dead on the floor. Her body has been rotting. Purples, blues, and greens show through her pale, decaying skin. Transparent in a way that disgusts most. Like a map to the inside of the body. How can skin be that thin? You try to answer but your tongue feels severed. Transparent. Driving south on the 51, the cloud of smog suffocating. An unbearable sight. The air is visible, so disgusting, it's unfortunatly solid. Like the somewhat visible scalp under the receeding hair of the 80 year old woman who nearly tripped coming up. Transparent like the cateracted eyes of a blind woman who lived on the cornor of your childhood home. She gave out the best halloween candy. Big candy bars for the children dressed up as ballerinas. Nearly transparent pink covers them from the waist down. White tights show thier skin, but only barely. It's better than being bare.
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