tree (a_theory) wrote,


I doubt I'll ever think about him again. This makes another proud achievement in a relationship career that can pretty much be broken down into three catrgories:

1] Dating guys that I pretend to like more than I do just because I feel like having a boyfriend. They're usually equally as enthralled by me, and the whole thing ends with the same massive yawn it began with.

2] Falling ass-over-teacup in love with morons who treat me like crap. I'll suffer the rudest of humiliations to keep them and obsess over them long after they've given me the big heave-ho.

3] Treating love-struck guys like shit until I'm finally strong enough to shake them off my leg. Due to the fact that they're obsessed, I have trouble cutting the cord and tend to drag these ones on until they really start to stink.
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